Writing in English :p

life wouldn't be less than messy. well, i came into this idea of writing my blog in english. it's not that i hate my native language or hate any part of my country, but i guess lots of my friends are doing exactly the same. no, not on the part of "hate" word. they just writing their blog in english, also.

i just read a blog of my junior's, a very gorgeous one. she's thin, clever, rich, have a very unique name and being blessed for duplicating Cinta Laura's face =) (it's true, she's soo Cinta Laura..without her stupid accent, haha). She just much younger than me, but she has a very great blog in english. well, i know other's are better than hers. but sometimes we get envy with what someone's has, when we think they are better than us isn't it?

i mean, my bestfriend ami also writes her blog in english. that didn't dragged me to do the same.how odd, eh?

my last conversation with a grad schoolmate also dragged me to writing my thesis. it's only because she has better marks of every single lectures that she has taken. she also proudly said that she's got 3,74 of GPA (of 4,00) on this last semester. shit!

now i know what a competition means, haha..

no matter who she or he is, if you both has the same goal at a time. there will be a competition between both of you. yes, even for Mr. and Mrs. Smith (played by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). SOns of Adam also have to compete anyway =)

if animals are mostly compete for food, people are dangerously compete for almost everything. their mates, their carrier, their jobs and so on. well, in my surrounding now..we compete for a marriage.

maybe i should say about the competition of graduation. but, we eventually graduate ourselves. it's only depends on our efforts and fate (or maybe, prays). besides that, lots of my girlfriend seems to be compete each other to fulfill their destiny of marriage. yesss, they said that it's our destiny. no, not mine. my destiny happens to be live happily ever after, whether im married or not and become a fairy in heaven =p

i don't bother, because they don't bothering me anyway. but i just keep asking, why this is kinda like a race? they said we're running out of our time. time of what? menopause or self-esteempause? my dearest one, leksa also said that this is maybe only a Lifetime Achievement Award for some people. they want to prove that they can make it, just like they can graduated.

sooooo...i choose it as one of my life's choices. the same way i choose to not eat meat. and i choose Carla Bruni as the #1 first lady, better than Michelle Obama. also, i choose Jhonny Depp marry
Winona Rider (they're a great couple back then). marriage is about everytime we're ready and sure, rite dear?

*yay! my first english entry!!Haha..

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